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Our Timeline

The Celery Fields

The founding partners of SURF collaborate with Sarasota County's Neighborhood Environment Stewardship (NEST) program to plant the Suncoast's first high-performance microforest.

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Stoneybrook I

After several false starts, SURF plants its second microforest at the Stoneybrook Golf and Country Club thanks to Stoneybrook's welcoming and participating Natural Asset Committee

Read MoreNovember 2021

Stoneybrook II

Thanks to some leftover plants from Stoneybrook I and a perfect site nearby, the team plants its third microforest the just a half-mile away

Read MoreJanuary 2022

Colony Cove aka Equity Lifestyle

SURF installs its largest microforest -- just under an acre on a peninsula into the Manatee River. This microforest, commissioned by the Sustainability Department of Equity Lifestyles, opens the door to a promising partnership that will transform presently unproductive turf-land into ecologically high performing microforests and living walls.

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Heritage Harbor

The Heritage Harbour Master Assocation establishes a half-acre microforest into its central park, beautifully situated between a parking lot, baseball diamonds, and a playground. This microforest makes the playground a cooler, quieter, and more natural place, plus it includes great trails for kids to explore. 

Watch Planting DayJanuary 2023

Mangrove School

Students, Veterans, and Rotarians work shoulder to shoulder to plant 800 trees into a 0.3-acre microforest on the property of the Mangrove School of Sarasota. This forest was Step One in converting an open field into a beautiful center for outdoor learning, plus it helped drain the site's puddled soil.
SURF and The Mangrove School are grateful to the Sarasota Bay Esturary Program for partial funding toward the successful completion of the project.

Watch Planting DayJune 2023

Heron's Nest

Our 0.3-acre microforest in Community Development District One of Lakewood Ranch is the first with a solar-powered irrigation system to help the trees through the first dry season.
A 100-water panel powers a submersible pump that lifts and drips water to the roots of our 800 treees, shrubs, and ground covers. The forest was funded in large measure and guided in its planning by the Lakewood Ranch Rotary Club.

Watch Planting DayAugust 2023

Jacaranda EcoPARK

A 1-acre park with three microforests, a prairie, and a living wall for sound abatement. This unique park will have ~1500 trees including over 100 Cypress trees. It will be planted in three phases. Phase 1 was completed on December 28, 2023. It prepared the planting ground with the laying of cardboard and mulch. Cypress trees were planted along the banks of an adjoining creek.

The EcoPARK will be planted in three phases in 2024. Stay tuned for further information on how you can be involved.

Watch Planting DayAugust 2023

Why the Next Microforest should be in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD

A high-performance microforest is a win-win-win for any neighborhood.  First and foremost, it’s a cool and shady place for everyone to go. 

Second, it reduces flood risk and, once grown, calms damaging winds.  It also engages the whole neighborhood in a activity to fight back on climate change and learn about the climate crisis in the course of doing so. 

 If you have a 200-water PV panel for a microforest — a quarter-acre field of turf where the planted tres will never be cut down– please  contact charles.c.reith@gmail.com and we’ll start the process of seeing if a microforest makes sense for you.

Talk to us

Friends, allies, and volunteers have made SURF the success. Please reach out to surf.suncoast@gmail.com if you have a project idea or simply want to volutneer for the next planting day. We love to make presentations to schools, churches, clubs, and businesses. We’ll be ever grateful if you line us up a speaking opportunity…and we promise not to ask for money. Just excitement!